Whether your commercial carpet consists of 200 or 20,000 square feet of carpet
trust Fresh & Clean Carpet Care to clean your flooring and improve your indoor air quality.

Commercial carpet can be cleaned with restorative steam cleaning
or low moisture maintenance cleaning.

All carpet cleaning starts with a pre job inspection. This is to determine the type of fiber (Natural or synthetic) that your carpet is made of. It is also important to determine if there are any spots or stains that will require special treatment. The first step of the actual cleaning process starts with dry soil removal done by vacuuming. If you are unable to do this before we arrive we can do it for a nominal fee. All areas of carpet are then treated with a gentle carpet prespray that will help loosen embedded or oily soil. The carpet is then thoroughly flushed with hot, soft water from a Cleanco truckmount.

Spots or stains that do not come out with regular cleaning are taken care of at this point with a variety of water soluble spotters we use. Finally a post cleaning walk through is done with the customer to make sure you are 100% satisfied, and a final grooming of the carpet is performed to restore the carpet fibers to their original nap.

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